David Sweat’s mother speaks out about his capture

DANNEMORA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After news of David Sweat’s capture last night, his mother spoke to reporters and offered a glimpse into his past.

She told reporters his troubles began at an early age, when he was about 9-years-old. She says he had a violent outburst against his dad.

As he grew up, she says he continued to get in trouble at school and at home. He was serving a life sentence without parole in the killing of a Sheriff’s Deputy in Broome County in 2002 at the Clinton Correctional Facility when he and Richard Matt escaped.

The reporter asked her if she was ever afraid if he was going to come down to this area while he was on the run.

“Oh no! My son knows if he would have come here, I would have knocked him out and had them guys take him to jail. Because that’s just the way I am. I’ve always done it to him when he was bad,” said Pamela Sweat, David’s mother.

However, Sweat’s mom did say she is relieved that her son is alive and back in custody.

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