David Sweat in serious condition, Albany Med under pressure

Police stand over David Sweat after he was shot and captured near the Canadian border Sunday, June 28, 2015, in Constable, N.Y. Sweat is the second of two convicted murderers who staged a brazen escape three weeks ago from a maximum-security prison in northern New York. His capture came two days after his escape partner, Richard Matt, was shot and killed by authorities. (AP Photo)

UPDATE: Statement on David Sweat’s condition from Albany Medical Center Medical Director Dennis P. McKenna, MD

David Sweat underwent diagnostic evaluations at Albany Medical Center Sunday night to further define the extent of his injuries.  Following examination, it was determined by our trauma team that he did not require any surgeries at that time.  The trauma team includes a trauma surgeon, an intensive care doctor, and other specialists. He was observed and treated for his injuries overnight.  As of Monday morning (June 29), his condition has been upgraded to serious, reflecting an improvement from his condition Sunday night.  David Sweat will remain at Albany Medical Center for at least a few days while his condition stabilizes and updates on his condition will be provided as appropriate.  The New York State Police, working in coordination with the Albany Police, the Department of Corrections and the Albany Medical Center security staff are taking all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of our patients and their families, our employees, and the public.



Scene outside of Albany Medical Center. PHOTO: Heather Kovar.
Scene outside of Albany Medical Center. PHOTO: Heather Kovar.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany Med has released a statement from the hospital where they said David Sweat did not need surgery for his injuries, but did get treatment overnight, and that his condition has been also been upgraded to serious.

The hospital clarifies what it means when someone’s in critical condition, and they said it’s that their vital signs are unstable and are most likely unconscious.

Yesterday in a press conference, Dr. McKenna with Albany Med could not say if Sweat has already been brought to that secured unit, but did assure he is in an area receiving attentive care from a team of doctors.

The doctor did say because of Sweat’s condition, they expect him to stay there for several days. Governor Cuomo said Sweat was found with a bag of pop tarts, bug repellant and maps when he was captured Saturday.

This comes as a very busy time period for the hospital after the other prison escapee; Richard Matt was shot and killed in the head three times Friday afternoon by a U.S. Customs and Border member near the Canadian border.

The autopsy of Matt was conducted at Albany Med and results showed he had several bug bites as well as cuts from living in the woods for three weeks. He also showed severe skull fractures and brain injuries from being shot.

Albany Med was chosen as a place of care for one big reason, and it’s not just because of their trauma center.
“Albany Medical Center has a secure part of the hospital which is staffed by the Dept. of Corrections and it’s an extremely secure unit. That unit is not able to provide a level of care for all patients. It’s able to provide a certain level of care but yes, it’s a locked unit and it is something that we provide care for our patients in that setting on a daily basis,” said Dr. McKenna, Albany Medical Center.

In the statement, Albany Med did say Sweat will stay in the hospital until his condition stabilizes.


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