New special operations team in Columbia and Greene Counties


HUDSON, NY (NEWS 10) – A one of a kind team in Columbia County is training to be ready for any one and anything that comes their way.

This new tactical team is the first of its kind, training twice a month for any type of situation.

“These are special trained officers,” Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley said. “They do drug warrants, they do special ops.”

“My main duty is to protect the citizens of Greene County,” Sheriff Seeley added. “If I can help protect the citizens in Columbia and all of the other counties I just mentioned it’s a win-win for all of us.”

A big win for the Columbia and Greene Sheriff’s Departments as well as the Hudson Police Department and the citizens within these counties.

This multi-jurisdictional team responds to critical incidents and other specialized assignments and emergencies within the counties.

“This is a situation where if we need something in Greene County, we just call over to Columbia County and go over to the City of Hudson to ask for some more man power,” Seeley said.

That man power, now in the form of the shared services response team, or SSRT.

It’s comprised of approximately 15 deputies and officers who have specialized training to respond to emergencies and critical incidents as well as other specialized assignments within both counties.

And it’s just the beginning.

“I like to think outside the box, I want to go search and rescue, I’ve already spoken to our county parks with the forest rangers, as well as the state police, other agencies that are around us,” Sheriff Bartlett said. “High angle rescue as well as anyone who might have fallen off the bridge over across the river, there’s always some type of rescue over there. Being able to help the community, if we have a missing hiker, if we have a missing autistic kid in the woods, go help them.”

Their effort is not only helping to better protect the citizens, Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett says they are saving money.

“It’s a big savings in budget, its shared services,” Sheriff Seeley said. “Criminals do crimes in other counties and by the men and women of all law enforcement getting together and sharing our information, it’s a win-win.”

And if a situation, similar to the prison break in Dannemora, happened here this carefully thought out team is ready at a moment’s notice.

“Exactly what’s going on up there is exactly what these men train for down here,” Sheriff Seeley said. “Again, if they needed our services up there, I wouldn’t hesitate to send them up there.”

“Most recently were complaints with the search up north,” Sheriff Bartlett said. “That information wasn’t being shared. You have to share that information.”

Share information, and share services.

This team is only in the beginning stages, Sheriff Bartlett says me they are hoping to expand more to include other agencies.

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