Lawmakers reach several agreements during extended session

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Even though the framework agreement is still kind of blurry, lawmakers believe it’s a done deal by now.

On Tuesday, officials reached agreements with Governor Cuomo on several big items: Rent control, property tax cap and the cap on charter schools, which are only the few of why session has gone past its deadline.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco says he just wants to keep moving forward.

“We expect the taxpayers to want to have answers about why we’re going a week past our scheduled deadline for six month session, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars when six months ago, we knew ethics reform was an important issue and property tax cap was an important issue,” said Assemblyman Tedisco, Glenville.

State lawmakers said the agreement includes extending rent controls for another four years. With it, comes the property tax rebate program of $1.3 billion of which lawmakers say will put hundreds of dollars back in property owners’ pockets.

“We need more rental apartments for low income individuals. We shouldn’t be gauging those individuals where they can’t find a place to live but millionaires are passing on to their families and their friends rent controlled apartments,” Assemblyman Tedisco said.

When it came to education, the agreement would also provide $250 million in state aid to private schools. Lastly, the cap for charter schools would allow for 130 new charter schools in upstate.

Assemblyman Phil Steck said it was all in good faith for the community to wait to vote, despite reaching an agreement.

“We didn’t want to have things done that would be harmful to our communities. I think we were successful in that. On the other hand, there are a lot of things, a lot of good that could’ve been done that hasn’t occurred,” Assemblyman Steck said.

While this agreement is only what they call a framework, local lawmakers say it’s pretty much official.

“I mean, my impression of if to be honest is pretty much of a done deal. I think there is enough there for members of our conference to agree same for the senate,” Steck said.

The Senate will be meeting at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Other big items that still need agreeing on are MMA fighting, the education tax credit, as well as appointing a special prosecutor to investigate police killings.

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