Legislative session extended as lawmakers continue to discuss rent laws

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York City rent laws, education tax credit and the property tax cap are just a few of the larger items lawmakers are still discussing. Now, many are wondering what the holdup has been.

“Well it’s been disappointing and shameful.” said Jim Tedisco, 112th Assembly District.

Session was scheduled to end Wednesday, but that hasn’t happened and it’s gotten some local lawmakers frustrated.

“All these things should’ve been sat down and negotiated and discussed but here in the legislature it seems to be my way or the highway. If it’s not my idea, it’s not a good idea,” said Tedisco.

Assemblyman John McDonald thinks some of these bills will pass Thursday. Rent laws are one of the few they’re hoping to pass today or Friday.

“Well without question, the rent laws are significant. I don’t think my colleagues from NYC and down state can go home without getting the rent laws extended this year, but by the same token, we have an upstate NY of which they seem to forget about,” said Tedisco.

The legislature did pass several items that have gotten many to scratch their heads but Assemblyman John McDonald says those lesser items may not matter to upstate New York, but it does matter to those elsewhere in the state.

“Every year, there are always going to be bills that people sit there and say why? The reality is it’s because of the lack of action on those big topics. Honestly, the media doesn’t have much to talk about right now so we talk about these little topics,” said John McDonald, NY State Assembly 108th District.
The Senate will be meeting at 1 p.m. and assembly members say the session could be extended not just into Friday, but maybe even next week.

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