Kayleigh Mae’s father lays blame in daughter’s death

Kayleigh Mae Cassell

COMSTOCK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The biological father of Kayleigh Mae Cassell blames the toddler’s mother and live-in boyfriend for her death.

It’s been nearly four months since Kayleigh Mae was found dead inside her Kingsbury home. Even though police said illicit drugs were found in her system, the Washington County District Attorney said he has no clear cause of death.

Billy Cassell spoke with NEWS10 ABC reporter Anya Tucker over the phone because he’s currently serving time in the Washington County Correctional Facility in Comstock. It’s the same place he was housed when he found out his daughter had died.

Billy Cassell
Billy Cassell

“I want people to know that it wasn’t a coincidence,” he said.

He said his daughter’s death is not a coincidence, but rather an act of spite. Cassell said the day Kayleigh Mae died was his birthday. He said her death was intentionally done to hurt him.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Absolutely.”

Cassell is placing the blame on Kayleigh Mae’s mother, Rachel Ball, and Ball’s boyfriend, Joshua Bennett.

Cassell admits he is not perfect. He’s addicted to cocaine, and he said he was already in jail on burglary charges when Kayleigh Mae was born.

Thirteen months later she would be found dead inside the home she shared with her mother and Bennett. No cause of death has been given, but investigators confirm bruising was found on the baby’s body and both heroin and cocaine were detected in her system.

“I believe that after the baby was abused that they gave it to the child to sedate it so that they wouldn’t feel the pain that it was in,” Cassell claims. “That’s what I believe.”

“Who do you think may have done that, though?” Tucker inquired.

“Either way, they are both just as guilty because there’s no way she didn’t know what happened,” Cassell responded. “There’s no way. So it’s not…why not get the baby help instead of giving it drugs. Know what I mean?”

Bennett remains in the Washington County Jail on drug charges. Ball faced similar charges but has since been released.

No one has been charged, yet, in Kayleigh Mae’s death.

Tucker spoke with Ball in person. She declined to defend herself against Cassell’s allegations.

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