Forgotten vets honored in Schuylerville

SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Eight long-forgotten veterans were honored with an interment ceremony at the Saratoga National Cemetery on Friday.

Around 150 patriot guard riders were on hand for the ceremony. They escorted the cremated remains of seven World War II veterans and one Vietnam veteran whose families were never located.

They were buried with full military honors.

“Patriot guard has been able to take them and give them their military honors that they deserved,” Region 4 Ride Caption member Kim McFarlane said.

Flags, in honor of each veteran, were presented to representatives of the Northeast Woodworkers Association in the Mid-Hudson Chapter.

“They volunteered to actually make the urns for the veterans to be interred in,” Patriot guard rider Bill Schaaf said. “So, for them, it was a labor of love.”

Schaaf led the ceremony. It was the sixth of its kind for the organization.

“Throughout New York State and throughout the U.S., there resides in funeral homes, unclaimed, cremated remains, and they are by the thousands.” Schaaf said.

The Patriot Guard Riders Veterans Recovery Program’s mission is to try to determine how many of the unclaimed remains are veterans. Once they do, they make arrangements for the honors they deserved.

“To be able to honor our veterans in this way is something that gives me chills when I do this,” patriot guard rider Martin Kaiser said.

There were originally 14 unclaimed veterans, but through research, the patriot guard was able to reunite six of them with family.

The eight others will now rest at wall five

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