Companies submit medical marijuana license applications

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Friday was the final day for all companies looking to nab one of New York’s five medical marijuana licenses to submit their applications.

The number of companies who applied for medical marijuana licenses won’t be announced until next week, but hundreds of pages of applications were brought to the New York State Health Department.

“Anybody remember studying for final exams in college?” Steve Stalmer with Etain, LLC said. “This is that on steroids.”

Etain, LLC is a Chester-based company that chose Albany as one of its four medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Goal – a lot of competitors – to serve as many patients as possible,” Stalmer said.

At least six companies have included the Capital Region in their applications, and three of them hinted at Albany as a dispensary location. The Department of Health will select only five growing facilities in the state, and a company based in Plattsburgh said they will place a dispensary in Clifton Park if chosen.

“In Clifton Park, there’s a recently opened cancer center, and we know that patients who are suffering from being treated with harsh chemicals of chemotherapy and radiation can benefit significantly,” Doug Butdorf, CEO of North Country Roots, said.

Anthony Quintal, Jr. is a principal of Brightwater Farms. He said they have multiple branches across the state but want to manufacture in Utica.

“Our facility is probably the largest in the country for this type of operation,” he said.

Each facility can only have one dispensary per county, but the city of Albany has proven to be popular.

A building on North Pearl Street could become a dispensary if Etain is chosen by the Department of Health. And Quintal said they’ve already leased a location in Albany to sell their medical marijuana prescriptions.

“There’s a lot of people in need of the medicine in this area, so therefore, that’s why we chose this area,” he said.

Hudson Health Extracts in Cold Spring is also looking at the Capital Region.

“We are certainly geographically spread out over the state for our dispensaries, and taking into account, this region is absolutely something in our application,” founder Ethan Ruby said.

The DOH will award licenses by the end of July. They are also in charge of determining the price for the medical marijuana prescriptions; however, the department said they cannot comment on that topic until the entire process is complete.

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