Charges dropped for man accused of flipping off police

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Troy man accused of flipping off a police officer while driving and then recording the incident appeared in Saratoga City Court on Thursday.

Saratoga Distict Attorney Karen Heggen confirmed the charges against Adam Rupeka have been dropped.

The District Attorney says Rupeka’s charges were dismissed because the facts and circumstances are such that the people cannot prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, the people believe that dismissal of the charges is in the interest of justice.

Adam Rupeka pleaded not guilty to resisting arrest in Saratoga City Court last month. The charges stemmed from an incident in April that Rupeka recorded and posted online. Police say he is seen repeatedly asking the officer why he was being pulled over.

He was then apparently pepper sprayed after the officer asked him a couple of times to step out of his car.

The officer in question is still on paid administrative leave.

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