Former Yankee pitcher visits Center for Disability Services

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Four time All-Star Tommy John made an appearance at the Center for Disability Services on Thursday.

The former Yankee pitcher was welcomed by Langan School students along with the Disability Center’s workers and participants. He signed autographs for his fans and met all the kids.

John is known for the revolutionary surgery – now named after him – which he had done on his pitching arm. Much of his career came after the surgery was already complete.

“I’m proud that I was with the Dodgers when I had to have the surgery done,” he said. “I’m proud Dr. Jobe did it and that he and I collaborated on some that has been life changing in baseball.”

Though he did want to make it clear that the surgery doesn’t make you throw harder.

“The injury that it fixed is the reason you weren’t throwing hard, so the surgery doesn’t make you throw harder, it just makes you well,” he said. “Then, it only allows you to throw as God intended you to throw.”

John also said he would already be in the Hall of Fame if he had won just 12 more games in his career.

An event Thursday night will raise funds for the Center of Disability Services.

John had a 26-year career in baseball.

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