Local business uses natural spray to get rid of ticks

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – May is Lyme disease Awareness Month, and one local man uses an all-natural product to rid areas of ticks.

“Tick free, natural tick control mixed in the tank with water,” Peter Zoller of Colonie said.

Zoller starts spraying in May because health officials said that’s when nymphal, or teenage, ticks can be found. Nymphal ticks cause about 95 percent of Lyme disease cases.

tick stages

Zoller said his cedar oil product kills all sizes.

“We’re killing the adults, the nymph, and the eggs as we go,” he said.

Zoller said it’s extremely important where to spray.

“I usually spray somewhere about my chest height down because that’s where the insects want to be so they can attach to the host as they’re going around,” he explained.

Zoller runs Cedar Tree Properties. He’s been spraying for ten years.

“I don’t think I’ve talked to anybody in a county in this area that hasn’t either had Lyme or been bit by a tick, and I think that it’s progressively getting worse,” he said.

Zoller also suffers from the disease.

“I really couldn’t shake your hand anymore,” he said. “I had no strength left.”

In Clifton Park on Wednesday, town, local and state officials gathered to warn the public about the growing problem.

“In recent years, in particular, the tick population has continued to increase,” Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett said.

Zoller said he’s found himself spraying closer to cities in the Capital Region.

“In more urban areas where more and more people are starting to have tick problems that never had them before,” he said.

There are also sprays that aren’t natural that can be used on properties. In addition, look for repellents with DEET in them. There are also bands that anyone can wear on their wrist or ankle to keep ticks away.

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