Herman Robinson sentenced to 100 years

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Schenectady man convicted of repeatedly raping a young girl, impregnating her and killing the baby was sentenced in Schenectady County Court on Wednesday.

State Supreme Court Justice Michael Coccoma sentenced Herman Robinson to the maximum of 100 years to life. Coccoma said the court must impose a sentence to never allow Robinson in a community again. He called it a “one-way” ticket.

“It is my intention by imposing this sentence to end your reign of terror,” he said.

Robinson was found guilty of all seven charges against him, including Second Degree Murder and two counts of Rape, in April. Before the sentence was announced, the 39 year old listened intently and spoke for the very first time.

“I sat by quietly while lies were told,” he said. “I’m not no monster.”

The victim breathed a sigh of relief upon the sentence. She gave a powerful impact statement.

“He hurt me emotionally and physically over and over again, and he denied my daughter the right to live,” she said.

Robinson’s attorney Sven Paul addressed the media for the first time on Wednesday as well.

“He does maintain, and he always has maintained, his innocence,” he said. “So the case will go to the appellate court.”

“I’m not guilty,” Robinson said. “I’ll go to my grave believing just that.”

The prosecution and Robinson’s victim celebrated justice.

“So we are very satisfied with the sentence today,” Schenectady County Assistant District Attorney Tracey Brunecz said.

Robinson’s attorney said the appeals process will begin on Thursday.

The victim said she plans on continuing her college courses and hopes to become a social worker one day, so she can help others.

NEWS10 ABC does not reveal the identity of victims of sexual abuse.

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