Canoer on 2,000 mile journey to protect waterways stops in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –A solo canoer on a 2,000 mile journey to protect waterways paddled through the Capital District Sunday.

Margo Pellegrino, a New Jersey stay-at-home mother of two, has embarked on a two month canoeing journey from New York City to Chicago.

The trek from New York City to Chicago is the first leg of Pellegrino’s two-year paddle from New York’s Big Apple to Louisiana’s Big Easy.

The purpose of the grand adventure is to bring awareness and people together to highlight water issues. Along the way Pellegrino will be drawing attention to issues impacting inland waterways and oceans, as well as urge communities to take necessary action.

As Pellegrino paddled into the Erie Canal Sunday afternoon she picked up garbage that was tossed into the water.

“I would like everyone to think about what they’re doing on land and waterways in order to keep everything healthy and edible we need to think about what we are doing to our waterway,” said Pellegrino.

While paddling 30 to 40 miles a day, Pellegrino is also collecting water samples to test the cleanliness of the water. According to Margo the water in the Capital District has been “been pretty darn clean”.

Margo is hoping her journey will inspire people and remind us all of a responsibility we have.

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