Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser kicks-off Memorial Day events

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Marine Corps group stopped in Albany on Friday to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Marine Corps 3-25 is holding several Memorial Day events this weekend in Albany. Events kicked off Friday night at Stout Irish Pub and Restaurant for a fundraiser.

Unlike Veteran’s Day, which is set aside to honor all veterans, Memorial Day is meant to pay respect to those who gave their lives on the battlefield.

“Memorial Day weekend is about going to the lake and having burgers and dogs on the grill, which is all great,” event organizer Scott Clark said. “But you can’t forget about those that made that possible.”

“It’s part of our history and who we are as a nation,” retired Marine Joseph Shearer said. “And if we forget those things, we kind of lose sight of what we’re going forward towards in the future.”

On Friday, the Wounded Warrior Project held a fundraiser in Albany to raise money to assist soldiers who come back from combat.

“The best way to remember and honor the people who have given their lives is to service those who came home,” retired Marine Ethan Oguss said.

Many of whom struggle to reintegrate into ordinary life.

“We’re trying to ensure that everybody comes home, and they have something to look forward to,” Retired Marine Oscar Aguilera said.

Soldiers at the event were members of Marine Corps Unit 3-25. Forty-eight of their brothers made the greatest sacrifice for our country.

“It’s because of them that we get to lead the lives we lead,” Clark said.

Since the Revolutionary War, American soldiers have been sacrificing their lives for the future of the United States. From stopping the spread of evil during World War II to now laying down their lives in the Middle East.

“And if they didn’t fight, we’d be speaking Japanese on the West Coast and German on the East Coast, and that’s a fact,” Clark said.

Memorial Day is meant to remember and pay respect to those who deserve it.

“Just know why that exists and what a great nation we have,” retired Marine Kyle Ferkett said.

At 9 a.m. on Saturday, the group will meet at the World War II Memorial in Albany for a few words and blessing. Then runners will start the 6th annual Relay Marathon that will travel south through the night and end in Goshen, N.Y.

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