Schenectady residents frustrated over recent code violations

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some Schenectady residents are asking the city to be held to the same standards in terms of building code violations.

Earlier this week, Schenectady did a code enforcement sweep, citing homes for violations such as chipping paint and cracked stepping stones. But some residents said if they are being cited, so should Schenectady City Hall.

schenectady city hall code violations steps

The building’s steps are currently closed off for “safety reasons,” the sidewalks have cracks, and the paint is chipping and peeling from every window.

David Tanner posted a video online that shows the issues at City Hall after people complained about their violations.

“You can’t have a double standard,” he said. “Expect homeowners be cited for peeling paint when a building, like, is being neglected.”

schenectady city hall code violations window

Schenectady City Councilman Vincent Riggi agrees. He believes City Hall should lead through example.

“Rotting wood does become, can become, a safety hazard,” he said. “So I can understand that. It is for the best interest of the house to have that done. But again, I’ll go back to our windows at our own City Hall. That wood’s going to rot, too, if it isn’t rotted already.”

Jess Petrequin works in Goose Hill, a neighborhood slammed with violations. Each citation comes with an automatic $50 fine, and he feels some people can’t afford to have the work done.

“I don’t think any resident wants their house to crumble away, but many people are on hard times and don’t have the money to fix up their properties,” he said.

Mayor Gary McCarthy said some policies apply to City Hall and some don’t. The building inspector supervisor said he was not able to comment on the issue. But Councilman Riggi said City Hall should be held to the same standard.

“We should have our house in order before we go ask someone else to have their house in order,” he said.

McCarthy was in New York City on Friday. He spoke with NEWS10 by phone and said the city is planning to address the issues, but there is work that needs to be done inside the building and he wants to get all the work done at the same time.

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