NEWS10 Special Report: Renting Clothes Online

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Looking good and keeping up with the latest trends can get costly, but what if you had access to a whole new wardrobe at your fingertips without spending thousands?

A new breed of websites is allowing women to do just that. By getting your clothes in the mail and borrowing and sharing, you can save a lot of closet space.

When Amy O’Connor needs the perfect outfit for a big meeting, a special event, or just another day at work, she heads to her jam packed closet. She has more than one.

“This is kind of the closet I operate out of, which is a lot of my work clothes. Then we’re going to summer track season…” said O’Connor

With four full closets, Amy says she’s at her limit.

“As you can see this quickly just gets a little ridiculous,” O’Connor said.

She runs into an age old problem: A full closet…and nothing to wear. When she had to attend a wedding recently she didn’t want to add another dress to the wardrobe already bursting at the seams.

“Because I just cannot buy anymore clothes, I just have no room,” she said.

So, Amy turned to ‘Rent the Runway’: an online service renting designer dresses at deep discounts.

“I didn’t know anyone who tried it but thought I’d give it a shot,” O’Connor said.

Without ever leaving her house Amy selected a dress she liked on screen and within a few days it was on her doorstep!

“You get two sizes of the dress you want,” she said.

Amy spent under $100 dollars for a dress that the site says retails around $400!

“I thought it was a great idea instead of buying more clothes and that it was a great concept to rent dresses and have someone else do the dry cleaning,” said O’Connor.

“That’s how we keep costs down, we are able to recycle clothing,” said Lauren Miller, Vice President for Le Tote Marketing. “Yes it’s been worn, but in great shape,” she said.

‘Rent the Runway’ isn’t the only website renting clothes. Sites like ‘Le Tote’ and ‘Gwynniee Bee’ promise an unlimited wardrobe and access to hundreds of brands from apparel to accessories for a monthly subscription.

And then there’s the Facebook factor, driving even more business.

So if you don’t like repeating outfits, you may never have to run into the problem of being pictured in the same outfit more than once if you get one of these subscriptions.

Amy says the best part about renting clothes is that they give you the package, you just stick it right in, seal it, and it’s prepaid; kind of like Netflix.

Renting out goods is not uncommon these days. Netflix sends you DVD rentals in the mail, Airbnb let’s your share a strangers apartment for the fraction of the price, and now fashion joining in on the trend of a sharing economy as some call it.

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