UAlbany lacrosse player sheds light on “box lacrosse”

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Most fans are looking forward to watching Lyle Thompson play in what could be his final collegiate game.  The senior attack-man makes lacrosse look like an art form. His skill is unparalleled.  He credits much of that to the game he played growing up: a game that will debut in the Capital Region this weekend.

UAlbany’s Lyle Thompson is one of the greatest to ever play college lacrosse, but believe it or not the game he’s so good at isn’t the one he grew up playing

“I grew up playing box lacrosse it was the sport I liked more,” said Thompson.

Box lacrosse is much different than field lacrosse. It’s played indoors mostly on a hockey rink once the ice has been removed.

It’s smaller, faster, uses fewer players and there’s a lot more hitting.

13-year-old Callahan Kieley is in his first year playing box lacrosse. Lyle is a big reason for that.

“Lyle didn’t even play field lacrosse so I thought maybe this is a good idea to start,” said Kieley.

Luckily for him, Eric Padelford started the Tech Valley Attack Box Lacrosse league in the Capital Region.

“Players in here learn to move faster catch and throw better, shoot and pass more accurately,” said Padelford.

All skills that make them better field lacrosse players and an experience that is just getting started. The Tech Valley attack opens their season this weekend, the same day UAlbany will take on Notre Dame in the NCAA tournament.

If they can perfect this game, maybe one day they too will play on the big stage like Lyle.

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