A+ Trees ‘R Us owner wants to fix client’s yard

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After several Capital Region residents complained about the damage left by a local tree removal company, the owner said he wants to make things right.

Carol Farrell lives in Schodack. Last July, she paid A+ Trees ‘R Us $900 for yard work.

“And now I’m stuck with a $1,600 bill,” she said.

That’s because Farrell said the company left divots in her lawn and never fixed them.

“It’s like riding over speed bumps,” Farrell, who is in a wheelchair, said. “This just isn’t fair. If somebody comes in and give you an honest estimate for a job, you expect them to do the job and not to have a problem afterwards.”

The Town of Bethlehem also said the company damaged town property – storm drains on Maryea Lane.

“It’s not normal,” Bethlehem Highway Superintendent Brent Meredith said. “I kind of got the impression that anything we pursued we wouldn’t get anything out of them.”

As a result, taxpayers are left fronting the bill, which is almost $900 just for materials.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to the company via phone. Owner Charles Zanghi said he wanted to explain and admitted to the damage done to a Delmar yard.

“I screwed the driveway up pretty bad,” he said.

But Zanghi said when employees came to clean up, they were turned away, and he feels disrespected.

“I had all intentions of doing that when two guys went there,” he said. “The woman put me on the television, okay?”

When pressed about not completing the job, Zanghi admitted he should follow through.

“I know, I know,” he said. “You’re right.”

Zanghi said he will be back at the Delmar residence next week to fix the yard and invited NEWS10 ABC to watch the work be completed.

“There’s cleaning up, which we planned to do,” he said. “Take the boards, but you’ll have to be there.”

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