Family filing lawsuit over man shot, killed by LAPD

Brendon Glenn (Facebook)

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The family of a Troy native who was shot and killed by police in Venice, California will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

“He had no opportunity to defend himself,” attorney E. Stewart Jones said. “Police took that away from him, and I think the proof will be compelling.”

Jones represents the family of 29-year-old Brendon Glenn. Jones said the proof lies in video surveillance from a bar in Venice Beach where police said Glenn was shot and killed by an LAPD officer last week.

“They say that this police video is very damning and will require a grand jury to indict the police officer for murder,” Jones said.

Jones said those who have viewed the video told him it shows one officer wrestling with Glenn on the ground as the second officer steps back and then allegedly shoots Glenn in the back. He said witnesses corroborate that story.

“Individuals who witnessed what occurred there confirm what the camera speaks to,” Jones said.

The Los Angeles Times said law enforcement sources said that one officer’s body camera captured an initial encounter with Glenn. Neither of the two officers’ body cameras were on during the physical altercation or shooting of Glenn.

LAPD spokesperson Andrew Smith would only say that both officers were wearing privately owned body cameras during the incident.

Glenn’s longtime friend Nick Schepici grew up with Glenn in Troy. He said Glenn stayed with him recently in San Diego.

“Those police officers…they better go to jail for life,” he said via the phone. “That’s murder. It’s not self-defense.”

Troy police confirm Glenn was arrested in the past for driving offenses, resisting arrest and marijuana. Some said he had issues with alcohol.

“It’s not relevant to what happened because you don’t shoot and kill an unarmed defenseless, helpless human being,” Jones said.

Last week, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said it would take extraordinary circumstances to justify the shooting. He said, at this point, he has not seen those circumstances.

An LAPD spokesperson said the investigation could take months and is in the early stages. Glenn’s family is trying to have his body brought back to Troy as soon as possible.

Schepici said he is thankful to those in Venice who have rallied in protest against Glenn’s death.

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