Officials ask how to improve teacher evaluations

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York State Board of Regents is holding learning summits across the state.

The Board of Regents is tasked with creating a new scoring system for teacher evaluations. As part of a communication outreach effort, board members are holding several learning seminars across the state.

One summit was held at the New York State Museum Thursday morning. The board heard from superintendents, teachers, principals and some parents on what they think the board should do to find tune the regulations.

Board of Regents Vice Chancellor Anthony Bottar said they will consider their opinions as they’re trying to find the right balance of teacher evaluations throughout the state.

“That’s the type of decision that we have to make,” he said. “How much weight to give to the observations component, and the same thing with student performance aspect. We have to assign weights to the different elements of that.”

The board is working against a tight deadline. They must adopt the new system by June 30 and will likely take a vote in their mid-June meeting.

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