Albany gears up for the 67th Annual Tulip Festival

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany’s 67th Annual Tulip Festival is just days away.

The 2015 Tulip Queen will be crowned Saturday at noon.

Recently, Albany’s Mayor Kathy Sheehan announced the new court of ladies in line for the crown.

The mayor highlighted how crowning a new Tulip Queen is a long vetting process, and the candidates really committed themselves to working with the community. The candidates especially worked with young people by designing a literacy program they will advocate throughout the capital city’s schools.

“This is a really great experience because I think it gives these women an opportunity to take on a leadership role at a young age in their community and really see what it takes to roll up their sleeves and make a difference,” Sheehan said.

Crowning of a new tulip queen is just one of the highlights of the weekend. The main attraction, however, are the beautiful flowers in Albany’s Washington Park.

The design of the tulips is different every year. City gardener Jessica Morgan tries to mix and match colors to keep it new and fresh.

There are 75,000 tulips in the park and all are imported from the Netherlands. This year’s festival features a tulip called Ice Cream, and Morgan said they are featuring it because it is unique.

“What it is, it has a pink outer bowl, and as it grows, a white cream puff comes out of the center,” she explained. “It’s something different; something you’re not going to see anywhere else.”

Choosing a favorite flower isn’t easy for everyone. Cindy and Jason Fischer travel to the Capital Region from New Jersey every year.

“I gravitate toward every one of them,” Cindy said. “They make a design out of some of them, and they match colors.”

“We like, actually, how creative they are, so every year they try to do something different and colors you wouldn’t think go together really are different, and you’re drawn to them,” Jason said.

A line up of events and acts can be found, here.

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