18 dogs dead in Indiana freezer, 46 others seized

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Dozens of dogs were removed from a home in Muncie Wednesday.

Muncie Animal Control has been working to remove the dogs — 46 in total — from the residence.

“They are living in their own fecal matter,” said Animal Control Superintendent Phil Peckinpaugh.

Two of the 46 removed were placed in veterinary care, and an additional 18 dead dogs were found in a freezer. One lizard was also removed from the property.

According to police, the owner, Jacob Pelfrey, was arrested and preliminarily charged with three counts of cruelty to animals and 20 counts of neglect of a vertebrate animal.

Pelfrey was booked in the Delaware County Jail.

24-Hour News 8 was told that a meter reader tipped off authorities about the conditions, which were described as “horrid.”

Peckinpaugh said he obtained a search warrant Wednesday.

“We’ve discovered just horrid, horrid, conditions,” said Peckinpaugh. “A lot of the animals are in need of immediate vet care.”

Peckinpaugh said a state veterinarian will assess the dogs Thursday and once healthy enough, the canines will be available for adoption.

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