Testimony continues in Brenda VanAlstyne disposition hearing

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Testimony continued on Monday in Albany County Family Court as Brenda VanAlstyne seeks visitation with Kenneth White’s two sisters.

Kenneth White was killed by his cousin Tiffany VanAlstyne in December 2014, according to authorities. He was in the legal custody of his aunt Brenda VanAlstyne at the time. The 5 year old’s two sisters have since been placed into foster care.

Kenneth White
Kenneth White

Brenda has been seeking visitation of the two girls.

On Monday, Brenda, along with Kenneth’s mother Christine White, and family friend Brandon Rios made their way into court. The courtroom was packed as everyone expected to hear a decision in the disposition hearing.

But instead of a decision, there was more testimony from a psychologist who said Kenneth’s sisters told caseworkers they had no interest in seeing Brenda. The girls have never asked to see their maternal aunt, according to the psychologist.

In April, a family court judge said the children were abused and neglected under Brenda’s care, and the judge said she left them with her mentally ill teenage daughter, Tiffany.

A group called Kenneth’s Army said they expect the judge to decide against VanAlstyne having contact with the girls.

“I would like to know had she been in the stand why she wants these kids,” Michelle Fusco of Kenneth’s Army said.

The girls’ mother has not made a petition for custody. Their father, Jayson White, has, but a decision will not be made until June.

A final decision on whether or not Brenda receives contact with the children will take place on May 11.

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