Seven-year-old with cerebral palsy gets adaptive bike

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hunter Ripley, the 7-year-old South Glens Falls boy living with cerebral palsy, received his adaptive bike on Monday.

It’s been six weeks in the making, and Hunter’s reaction to seeing the bike and being able to ride it for the first time with his two brothers was priceless.

“Amazing!” Hunter’s mom, Bekah Ripley, said. “I never thought this day would happen. We’re very excited.”

Hunter Ripley, 7, rides his new adaptive bike for the first time. (NEWS10)
Hunter Ripley, 7, rides his new adaptive bike for the first time. (NEWS10)

Everyone who knows Hunter’s story can share a smile with the Ripleys because their son now has the bike he needs to be like every other kid.

As the truck arrived on Monday, it delivered more than just a bicycle, but also the link to one boy’s childhood, a family’s dream come true, and a community’s effort. This would not have happened without the help of NEWS10 ABC viewers who voted for Hunter to win an adaptive bike through the Great Bike Giveaway.

The Ripley family is extremely grateful. Bekah is still in shock that the day has come. She said she can’t wait to see what’s next for Hunter and her family.

“I still, just the whole process has been so mind-blowing and so exciting and my heart is racing and you don’t know whether to laugh because you are so excited, but you don’t know whether to cry because you never thought that this was possible,” she said.

Bekah said Hunter likes his new bike, though it will be an adjustment.

“I think he’s a little unsure cause it’s a new activity, but I think that he obviously likes it because he’s not crying or he’s not scared,” she said. “I think he’s still just trying to process what’s happening.”

Hunter’s brothers Garrett and Brock were just as excited as Hunter when the new bike arrived. They helped push Hunter around the yard.

“Thank you just seems like such a generic – just two generic words – but I don’t know how else to express our gratitude,” Bekah said. “We’re just so thankful that everybody has rallied around our family and Hunter.”

Bekah said they will take Hunter’s new bike when they go on a family vacation in July.


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