Visitation rights hearings ongoing in VanAlstyne case

Kenneth White

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Continuance granted before determining if Brenda VanAlstyne could be given visitation to Kenneth White’s two sisters.

The VanAlstyne case has been ongoing in Albany County Family Court. Authorities said 5-year-old Kenneth White was killed by his cousin Tiffany VanAlstyne in December 2014.

Kenneth was in the care of his aunt Brenda VanAlstyne at the time of his death. She was also the legal guardian of Kenneth’s two sisters. The girls have been in foster care since Kenneth’s murder.

A few weeks ago a judge ruled there were signs of abuse and neglect against Brenda VanAlstyne. But VanAlstyne still wants to regain custody or at least be able to visit the girls.

A dispositional hearing was held on Friday.

A Child Protective Services case worker testified during the hearing. She said the children’s biological father, Jayson White, has mental health issues, but he is now in counseling and has his own apartment. However, she said he doesn’t have the appropriate resources to care for the kids.

Clinical psychologist Casey Everett testified that VanAlstyne was emotionally unstable after he conducted an assessment of VanAlstyne and the girls.

VanAlstyne’s attorney told the judge he hadn’t received a copy of the psychologist’s report until Friday morning and argued he needed more time to review it. Therefore, the judge granted a continuance.

VanAlstyne did not answer any questions on Friday. She is expected back in court at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

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