Protestors gather for sit-in for Kayleigh Mae Cassell

Kayleigh Mae Cassell

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A “sit in” calling for answers in the death of Kayleigh Mae Cassell was held on Wednesday.

Kayleigh was found unresponsive in her Kingsbury home in February. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. No official cause of death has been determined, but a source close to the investigation said traces of cocaine and heroin were found in the toddler’s blood.

No charges have been filed in Kayleigh’s death. Participants said the purpose of the sit in was to keep the case a priority while searching for justice for Kayleigh.

Laurie Russell participated in the event. She delivered a list of questions to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

“Who killed this child? Who is going to pay for the crime? What happened to Kayleigh?” she positioned. “We need answers. Rumors are not helping, and we would like truth.”

But DA Tony Jordan said the truth will take time. Over the phone, he said his office can’t rush the investigation and risk justice slipping through the cracks. He did, however, speak to the protestors outside his office.

He said he would have wanted someone in his position to do the same. Russell said Jordan cleared up many of their questions.

“Their biggest concern, which I totally understand, is to make sure there’s not a single loophole at all,” she said.

While Kayleigh Mae remains the driving force behind the ongoing rallies, concerns are beginning to shift to the well-being of her two surviving siblings. They also lived in the same house were authorities recovered cocaine and heroin.

“Those kids have to now live with this,” protestor Colleen Lyon said. “Unfortunately, Kayleigh had to pass, and she can rest. These other children still are here, and that’s never going away.”

The protestors said they will be out on Broadway every week until someone is held responsible for Kayleigh’s death.

Both Kayleigh’s mother, Rachel Ball, and Ball’s boyfriend Joshua Bennett have been arrested on unrelated drug charges.

Ball’s next court appearance is scheduled for May.

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