Protecting you and your pets from ticks

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) –As the weather becomes warmer people and their pets begin to spend more time outside, sometimes accompanied by some not so welcome guest.

Local veterinarians say they have she seen just as many ticks so far this year as she did last.

According to Dr. Amanda Little of the Albany Shaker Veterinary Hospital, you and your pets are most likely to get a tick bite in the spring, summer or fall, though the insects are still around during the winter. Anytime the weather is above 30 degrees ticks are looking for someone, or something to clamp onto.

Pet owners should make sure their pet’s fur stays short. It is more difficult to spot ticks on animals with long fur.

“When you check for ticks, just make sure you don’t miss any spots. But When you think about where a tick might attach, they’re walking through grass, make sure to check around the head, the ear and they will attach onto the legs, if shorter grass. However you will see them crawling anywhere.”

Dr. Little says it only takes 24-48 hours for ticks to begin transmitting Lyme Disease, though this is all avoidable by using certain preventatives either on your pets skin, giving them pills or having them wear a flea and tick collar.

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