Empire State Plaza MLK memorial gets new centerpiece

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A sculpture being added to the Martin Luther King memorial at the Empire State Plaza was unveiled on Wednesday.

mlk sculpture albany

Eric Hilton is a renowned designer and artist from Scotland. He created a sculpture 15 years ago, but it was badly damaged. Hilton decided to come up with something new and unique to replace it.

Hilton decided to create something that didn’t capture what Dr. King looked like on the outside but rather the inside. It’s called the Seeds of Enlightenment.

“You’ll notice that it’s composed of four towers that rise up, which represent the four towers of strength,” Hilton said. “The towers of strength that represented this gentleman, this wonderful human being. And in the center of it there is a tower; a pyramid that rises up to meet the descent as it were from heaven to point at the top of the pyramid.”

The sculpture also includes jewels in the glass that represent the enlightenment Dr. King shared. As they catch the light, the image can change.

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