Bears spotted around the Capital Region

HALFMOON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As Spring arrives in the Capital Region, bears are coming out of hibernation and have been spotted throughout the area.

Currently, bears have been seen in Halfmoon, North Adams, Mass., and Dalton, Mass.

The animals are showing up in local neighborhoods, and while many are excited to take pictures of the animals, the Department of Environmental Conservation is advising homeowners to do a few simple things.

Homeowners should keep garbage cans secured, and barbecue grills should be cleaned.

DEC Regional Wildlife Manager Jerry Fraine said bears won’t usually approach people and they tend to be shy, so it’s easy to scare them off. Fraine said you don’t want to make them feel too comfortable because once that happns, they’ll keep coming back for more food.

The DEC said usually people feeding bears purposely isn’t a problem, but if you believe you see a bear in your neighborhood, immediately report it to the DEC.

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