Proposal to help individuals with autism in the workplace

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Assemblyman Santabarbara will be unveiling his proposal to help those with autism in the workplace.

While Santabarbara says he has tried to address the issue of unemployment for those on spectrum in the past, the proposal he will be unveiling Monday will help better tackle the ongoing concern.

According to the Assemblyman the Legislation was the first brought to him by two University at Albany students with firsthand experience of the difficulties those with autism face.

The main point of the proposal is to try to get proper job placement for individuals on the spectrum, which could mean the difference between success and failure.

“It’s about helping people find the right fit, find good meaningful employment so that people on the spectrum, people with developmental disabilities can be part of their community, they can take jobs, have access to a wider range of jobs, becase we are making a better initial assessment now and we’re placing them in job environments that work for everybody, said Assemblyman Santabarbara.”

Santabarbara says one business that is helping lead the way already when it comes to employment for those on the spectrum is Puzzles Bakery and Café in Schenectady, which opened earlier this month. He hopes other business in New York State will follow their example whether this bill is passed or not.

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