Local fraternity takes a stand against sexual violence

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Among many local students who attended an event Wednesday to combat sexual violence on college campuses, RPI’s Chi Phi Fraternity has a strong message they want to express.

Hundreds of students gathered inside the student union following a march

“That’s not going to happen at our fraternity. It’s not going to fly,” said Robert Spicer of Chi Phi Fraternity. Spicer says he makes it clear to his fellow fraternity brothers that any type of inappropriate sexual behavior is not allowed. He admits it’s an uncomfortable topic.

Dean of Students Mark Smith also had a strong message at the event, telling students they should work to build relationships not just hook ups and speak up if they see something wrong. Smith says he knows that making an impact will take time.

Spicer says “I myself would step in and I know that all 34 of my other brothers would step in too.”

Smith applauds stricter rules from state and federal government in an effort to stop campus sexual assaults. “I think it’s not going to happen just because we’re having this tonight. I think it’s going to be a long term effort. It’s a culture change. It’s a culture shift to begin treating women with respect.”

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