Officials: Burning trash started fire in Middleburgh, police make arrest

MIDDLEBURGH, N.Y. – Many fire departments were called to a large brush fire on a hillside along Huntersland Road Sunday afternoon and police say they’ve made an arrest in connection to the incident.

The calls started to come in at 1:31 p.m. for the fire on the north side of Huntersland, between Llama Lane and Brooky Hollow Road.

Sheriff officials say 75 to 80 acres of land had been burned, and that conditions were “very bad.” Officials say the fire was started by a man burning trash in a barrel that got out of control. He was arrested.

Local contractors used heavy equipment to make fire lines and it took ten departments and six forest rangers several hours to contain the flames. No one was injured fighting the fire.

Schoharie County Sheriff officials say that several other brush fires were fought in the county on Sunday, some in Conesville, and they are now under control.

NYS DEC confirm that 56-year-old Gregory Marshall of Middleburgh was given three tickets for starting the fire.

As reported below, he was burning garbage in a barrel, got out of hand, dialed 911, and fled, etc.

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