Super Bowl wager brings famous painting to the Clark from Seattle

Albert Bierstadt's "Puget Sound of the Pacific Coast"

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. (NEWS10) – Two months after the Super Bowl, Seattle is finally paying up on a friendly wager known on social media as the Museum Bowl.

As part of the wager, the Seattle Art Museum loaned “Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast” by Albert Bierstadt to the Clark Art Institute in Berkshire County.

The special exhibition was unveiled at 1 p.m. Friday.

“Well, in the buildup of the Super Bowl game, I had a Facebook message from a curatorial friend of mind, the Seattle Art Museum, who wondered if the Clark and the Seattle Art Museum might want to get into a friendly competition to trade paintings depending on who won the Super Bowl,” Clark curator Richard Rand said.

Because the Boston Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in a close 28-24 game, the Clark’s Winslow Homer painting “West Point, Prout’s Neck” will stay on the East Coast.

“Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast” will be on display until July.

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