Saratoga National opens for the season

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Saratoga National Golf Club opened for the season on Wednesday.

Saratoga National Vice President of Golf Services Peter Tavares was grateful for the opening day conditions.

“Awesome conditions, and the people have been great,” he said. “A lot of smiling faces today. People are really excited to be out after this late, long winter. The greens are tremendously better than last year. A lot of the golf courses in the northeast suffered from terrible winter damage, and boy did this really make up for it.”

Tavares said the conditions this year are better than last season’s because of a shorter period of snow coverage as well as a change in grounds crew procedures.

“Once we started to come out, we did things different,” he said. “The grounds crew is actually out there the end of February, first week of March snow blowing the greens to try to get them to expose a little bit sooner. We then put down some product to try to help and aid in that process of breaking into spring.”

Clifton Park resident Larry Main took to the green with friends on Wednesday.

“It’s better than we thought it would be,” he said. “The greens are nice and green, the putting’s smooth, the fairways are nice, and it’s just great to be out here instead of working.”

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