Crews find two dogs on Tomhannock Reservoir’s thin ice, still searching for owner and second dog

PITTSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10)— It’s a happy ending for one pup after walking on thin ice… literally.

Pittstown Fire crews rescued a pit bull Sunday afternoon after finding him trapped on the Tomhannock Reservoir.

Assistant Fire Chief Joshua Kautz said the dog went out towards the edge of the ice which then broke off, “He was going for a little boat ride.”

Once rescued and back on dry land crews wrapped him in a blanket and gave him food and water. Kautz say he ate up all the attention, “He was the hit of the party when they got him off the ice.”

The dog is in good health and is being cared for at Creekside Kennels. But officials say he was without a name tag and an owner has yet to come forward. Austin Sutcleff of Animal Control says, “We’ve got a lot more questions than we’ve got answers.”

Fire crews say the pup wasn’t alone on the ice. They say they are still searching for a black female pit bull mix who got away. When crews approached her she took off the other way and they were unable to locate her. Crews say it looks like she had puppies or is about to, so they’re hoping they will find her soon.

Officials say they are worried the two dogs may have been abandoned. Sutcleff says, “That is concerning, whether the dogs were dumped or if they were strays, we don’t know. No collars, no identifications, none of the neighbors in the area recognized the dogs.”

Officials are asking anyone who spots the female pit bull or knows anything about a possible owner to call Creekside Kennel or Pittstown Animal Control.

Creekside Kennel: 518-283-1251

Animal Control: 518-727-9863


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