Man arrested for alleged animal abandonment in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police say they’ve arrested and charged a man for abandoning five dogs that they say he hid inside a shed behind his grandparent’s home in Rotterdam.

Police say the dogs were found in deplorable conditions, but the one bright spot is that the dogs are all now being cared for by professionals and all of them are making great recoveries. However, police say the discovery that was made this past Monday is very uncommon for the town of Rotterdam.

The dogs were found hidden away in the back of a property on Melrose Street in Rotterdam.

“As you know on March 30, there were five pit bulls found in a shed on Melrose Avenue,” said Lt. Brown.

Police say a daughter of the elderly couple that lives there made the discovery.

“Went to the house that afternoon to assist the elderly relatives with cleaning up in the garage,” Lt. Brown said.

Police say it was only when they needed something from a shed in the back that they learned five pit-bulls had been abandoned there.

“They actually went to the shed for something, heard the dogs barking, opened the shed door, and found the dogs in there,” said Lt. Brown.

Police say the discovery was saddening.

“There were two crates, with two dogs each, and there was one dog that was loose within the shed,” said Lt. Brown. “They were in their own feces and urine, and there was no food or water.”

Police say the homeowners were unaware that their own grandson, 24-year-old Nicholas Bordeau had left three adult dogs and two puppies on their property.

“They had no knowledge that the dogs were in the shed,” Lt. Brown said.

Rescuers from the Montgomery County SPCA volunteered to take and care for the dogs.

After nearly five days of investigating, police charged Bordeau with five counts each of failure to provide sustenance, abandoning an animal, and having an unlicensed dog; 15 counts total. Although, police can’t say how long they were living in terrible conditions because Bordeau wouldn’t speak to investigators.

“He didn’t cooperate so we don’t know exactly how long they were there,” said Lt. Brown.

Bordeau was arraigned in Rotterdam Town Court Friday. He was released but is required to appear back in court in the near future.

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