Senator Kristen Gillibrand comes to Troy to support paid family leave program

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand honored a local business Thursday that she says sets an example for the rest of the country.

Senator Gillibrand will visit ‘1st Playable Productions’ on Thursday because the company has established a successful paid family leave policy. She continues her push for a nationwide, gender-neutral paid family and medical leave program.

She tells NEWS10 she doesn’t want people to have to choose between a paycheck or caring for a family member. Her federal legislation would create paid family leave, including maternity and paternity leave, personal medical leave and spousal support.

She says the United States is currently the only industrialized nation in the world without any form of paid family leave.

“When you look at counties like Afghanistan and Pakistan that sometimes don’t even want to educate their girls and women, they have some form of paid leave. So it just doesn’t make sense that we are behind on this very important issue. And it really does go to our economy,” said the senator.

Her legislation would establish a national insurance program, creating an independent trust fund within the Social Security Administration. It would be funded by employee-employer contributions — the expected cost per worker is the cost of a cup of coffee a week.

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