New York State 2015-2016 Budget successfully passed

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York State 2015-2016 Budget has successfully passed both the state Senate and Assembly.

Assembly members completed their session at around 3 a.m. Wednesday, technically making the budget three hours late, though timing has no real impact on the impact on the $142 billion spending plan.

According to Assemblyman John McDonald, the budget being three hours late is irrelevant.

“People will play with semantics, that’s politics, but at the end of the day more importantly is do the programs continue, do people still get paid, yes they do,” he said.

When speaking of the budget, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco’s sentiments echoed that of many republican lawmakers, saying this budget was rushed and lacked transparency.

“We didn’t meet it on time, but the world didn’t end, but the Governor doesn’t go out there and beat his chest and say look I have another on time budget because you shouldn’t be using messages of necessity, you should do your job before that,” he said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo thanked lawmakers for their work to reform New York’s Education Bureaucracy as well as implementing the nation’s strongest and most comprehensive disclosure laws for public officials.

On the education front, state aid to schools was boosted by $1.4 billion to $23.5 billion. The legislation also overhauled statewide teacher evaluations. New teacher evaluations will be based partly on student test scores and another portion on classroom observation by a school administrator and by independent evaluators.

The senate passed the measures 36 to 26; the assembly also gave the go ahead with a 72 to 54 approval.

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