Troy mayor will not seek re-election

TROY, N.Y. — Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia announced Monday that he will not seek re-election.

He said the difficult decision was not taken lightly, and that he wants to refocus his energy on his faith and family.

With his wife by his side, Mayor Rosamilia said stepping down is a personal decision the couple made together. He insisted the decision was not political. His office has been ridiculed recently for many issues, including financial ones.

But the mayor said that was something he couldn’t fix in his first and only term.

“The fiscal challenge the city of Troy will have in front of them is going to go on until we pay off that debt in 2021,” he said.

His successor will have a lot to tackle next year. Mayor Rosamilia acknowledged there is a lot of unfinished business, including the new citywide comprehensive plan, a charter and re-purposing the city’s factories.

He said leaving those items incomplete is the most challenging part of stepping down.

“All those are items that if I were to run again that maybe I would be in office as they were completed,” he said. “And that’s difficult for me because I know we’re moving in the right direction. What concerns me is that we make sure we get an individual in that can continue to build on that progress and move the city forward.”

Now there are speculations on who will run for mayor. City Council President Rodney Wiltshire is expected to made a candidacy announcement this week. But for the time being, council members are only focused on finishing unfinished business.

“Just moving forward; that is what we want to do,” Troy city council member Lynn Kopka said. “It doesn’t really matter who is in office. If we’re going to lay the ground work we’re going lay the ground work.”

“We need to get back to the basics in our neighborhoods,” Troy City Councilman Jim Gordon said. “That’s one thing that over the years, we’ve come to somewhat neglect, and it’s becoming overly glaring at this moment.”

Mayor Rosamilia said he wants to stay active in the community. He might volunteer part-time, but until then, he said he will not slow down and will treat the end of his term as if it were the very beginning.

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