Horse put down due to injury at Saratoga County farm surrounded by neglect allegations

GREENFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga County Sheriff says one horse had to be put down due to an injury Monday at a Saratoga County property surrounded by prior neglect allegations.

Officials could not say what caused the horse’s leg injury as the investigation is ongoing. Neighbors of 131 Wilton Greenfield Rd. and some town officials said the issue is an ongoing nightmare.

In February 2015, 55-year-old Duane Carpenter was charged with failing to provide water to 12 horses. His sister, Ann Arnold, had previously transferred the property and horses to him after she was convicted of abusing more than one dozen horses on the farm in 2012.

In 2013, Carpenter was also charged with failing to provide water, food and care to three horses.

He was back in Greenfield Town Court Monday for that trial.

Carpenter spoke with NEWS10 ABC about the allegations.

“There’s hay out in the pasture now,” he said. “I feed them corn in the morning, and I also feed grain in the morning.”

Carpenter said the horses are always cared for despite the allegations from his February arrest. As a result, the horses can now be seized as evidence, but Carpenter said the court wants him to pay for their care once they are removed. He said the charges are false.

“If the other water is ever really frozen, they can come here,” he said. “That’s part of the pasture, and they’ve lived here all their lives. They know it’s available.”

Carpenter said he called the veterinarian to check on the horse with a leg injury. He also addressed Arnold’s arrest.

“My caregiver had a public defender who didn’t do very much in the way of defending him,” he said. “What happened with Ann was a medical issue that were not acknowledged by the court.”

Veterinarian Dr. Benjamin Anderson testified on Monday that in December 2013, the horses were thin, needed vet care, and also had issues with hydration.

“Eight or ten of them were underweight,” he said.

Neighbors like Lisa Giordano said the alleged abuse has gone on for decades.

“We’re happy that some movement is happening, but you know how many lives; however much suffering has gone on too long,” she said. “Too long for the suffering.”

Duane Carpenter
Duane Carpenter

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