Cat reunited with owner after Jay St. fire in Schenectady

Suger, Credit: Capital Vets-Drumm Vet, Troy Vet, and Latham Animal Hospital

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Schenectady Fire Department located a cat that was involved in the Jay Street fire earlier this month.

Officials said they saw a cat run out of 100-102 Jay St. the day of the fire and was spotted again by firefighters and demolition crews on Sunday. Multiple attempts were made to contact a possible owner through Facebook, but no one could make contact with an owner. The cat was then turned over to the Latham Animal Hospital.

“I imagine finding water would have been difficult, and I imagine finding some rodents that would have kept her hydrated, at least initially,” Dr. Eileen Geagen of Latham Animal Hospital said. “She’s been eating up a storm since she got here.”

Workers at the animal hospital were able to identify the cat, Suger. She survived 16 days in the ruins of the fatal fire. She might not have made it if she wasn’t spotted by crews.

“He just had her cradled in his arms,” Sarah Eggelhoefer with the Latham Animal Hospital said. “She was sleeping.”

Dr. Geagen said Suger likely survived by eating mice and rats.

“She’s doing better than some of the people and other animals,” she said.

Suger’s owner Shantia Robinson is now living in Georgia where she’s staying with family. She said she was also searching for Suger since the fire.

“I called them every day, and every time I called, they didn’t have her,” she said.

Robinson said the morning of the fire, her family assumed the knock at their door was just another false alarm, so as they evacuated, they decided the safest place for Suger would be inside the apartment.

“Once I get outside, I see 104 engulfed in flames,” she recalled.

Robinson said firefighters refused to let them back in, and she thought she lost everything in the fire, including Suger. She stayed in contact with the Facebook page Jay Street Missing Pets, but she almost gave up hope until she received a very important phone call.

“It might be a long shot, but I looked, and it was here,” she said. “I was so happy, I cried.”

Robinson said she will be traveling to New York this week to pick up Suger. The animal hospital is also waiving the cost for Suger’s care, including being spayed.

Photo Credit: Capital Vets-Drumm Vet, Troy Vet, and Latham Animal Hospital
Photo Credit: Capital Vets-Drumm Vet, Troy Vet, and Latham Animal Hospital

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