Washington Armory works to update management, improve security

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Washington Avenue armory has announced it will look to restructure management and security operations as part of an effort to improve the safety of patrons, increased community and neighborhood engagement, and full compliance and cooperation with authorities.

Despite three arrests last week in relation to the event, things aren’t looking good for the venue, with the New York State Liquor Authority suspending the venue’s liquor license and the venue itself suspending all future concerts until it re-evaluates all security policies.

Joe Bonilla, armory spokesman, be able to hopefully work in a collaborative manner with city hall and state liquor authority to address their concerns and move forward.

And with all armory concerts on hold, promoters are scrambling to find new venues for their acts and many are looking to another historic Albany staple for help.

“We do the proper research on the act, call other venues, talk with the promoter who is very familiar with them, and just make sure it’s the right fit,” said Holly Brown, Executive Director of the Palace Theater.

And the Palace says at least the May 5 Halestorm concert will be transferred to the building.

“We have gotten a few calls about some acts that are scheduled there, and we’ll see how those pan out but right now are the only ones,” said Brown.

She says it would be a shame to lose such a historic venue and is happy to hear management at the armory is taking necessary steps to try

“I’m hopeful they can work it out,” said Brown.

And so is the armory, saying they are looking for candidates that can review security and safely manage the venue.

And once that position is filled, they will then begin the process of lifting the ban on future concerts.

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