Glenville man arrested for not feeding farm animals

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Glenville police say they have made an arrest after an extensive investigation into an animal cruelty case.

Officials say 36-year-old Joshua Rockwood of Glenville is facing 13 misdemeanor charges for not providing proper food, water and shelter to several domestic animals located at his West Wind Acres Farm.

Joshua Rockwood (Glenville PD)
Joshua Rockwood (Glenville PD)

Police said some animals had frozen water, and they were out in the cold without food and shelter. A complaint was made concerning animals at the farm in February.

Police say two separate search warrants were conducted on Rockwood’s farm. The first was on Tuesday, March 3 which identified that 13 animals were not being provided with food and water. It also revealed that three horses were in need of veterinary care.

“We had a qualified, certified veterinarian come out with us to investigate with us,” Glenville Police Lt. Stephen Janik said.

The second warrant was served on Sunday, March 15 where the three horses were seized and taken to Peaceful Acres Horses in Rotterdam at the request of Glenville police. Peaceful Acres is an equine rescue organization.

“Once it was discovered that care had not been provided and they still had the same conditions, they were taken based on what the warrant allowed us to do,” Janik said.

On the West Wind Acres Farm website, a letter from Mandak Veterinary Services stated the opposite. A veterinarian stated that during her February visit, the animals had food, access to water and access to shelter or a wind break. Rockwood told NEWS10 ABC over the phone on Monday that his animals were always cared for, and the charges are false.

However, Peaceful Acres Horses owner Nanci Beyerl said one of the ponies seized needed veterinarian care and two other horses needed food and water.

glenville farm pony

“Her hooves are overgrown,” she said. “The veterinarian and the farrier are working with each other tomorrow to take x-rays and see if there is permanent damage.”

Lt. Janik also said some pigs on the farm suffered injuries from being outside without shelter.

“The veterinarian cited in her report that it appeared that several pigs had frost bite to their ears,” he said. “And we’re talking about animals that were out in the cold, in the elements back in February when we all remember that we had some below zero nights.”

glenville farm pig
Photo provided by Nanci Beyerl

Police said that during their second search warrant on Sunday, it appeared as though Rockwood was providing his other animals with food and water, but the investigation is ongoing. Police said it’s possible more animals could be seized and more charges could be filed.

Rockwood was arraigned on Thursday. He is scheduled to re-appear in Glenville Town Court on March 24.

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