Saratoga community steps up for ‘Zucchini Brother’ after van raid

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you grew up, or raised children in the Capital Region, chances are the musical group, ‘The Zucchini Brothers’ will ring a bell.

Described as a mix between Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and the Partridge Family Bus, the “happy van” has helped promote the Zucchini Brothers musical group for the last eight years. But that sunny disposition was put at risk on Friday.

“This was just loaded with stuff in here, and when I looked in, I could see, uh oh, everything is gone,” he said.

Jack Zucchini said he came out from substitute teaching at the BOCES Education Center in Saratoga to find his van window busted and thousands of dollars of musical equipment gone.

“Just to me, everything that allows me to do what I do, which is provide music for kids of all ages,” he said.

But if anyone can make the best of an incredibly bad situation, it would be the “happy van.”

“I think my attitude is an attitude of gratitude,” he said. “And that doesn’t mean that I don’t care. I’m trying to find the grace in this.”

Zucchini said there are no leads on the case as of yet, and though he has renters insurance, it likely won’t cover what is lost. But that is where the community has come in.

In fact, as quickly as word spread that the equipment was taken, the community reached out by sharing Facebook posts and enough money to replace the stolen equipment was raised – just in time for his tour of area schools in a few weeks.

Zucchini said he is inspired by the help and feels bad for whoever was desperate enough to steal from a van as bright and happy as his.

“I’m learning on how to receive, you know,” he said. “That’s not as easy for me. I’m pretty good at giving, but there is a lesson here in learning to receive, too, and realize that people just want you to do your thing. And I’m so grateful for the community’s support here that I’ve had.”

Zucchini said he’s grateful the van will roll on to see another day.

“It’s going to keep going, and so is Happy Jack,” he said.

zuchini bros

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