3/11 Pet Connection: Theo

Theo is a one-year-old Pittie/mix.

Theo is a special little guy to all of us at OOTP. He came from a shelter in the Utica area, where he had been found as a stray. While it is common to find stray dogs, this was particularly sad because Theo was only about 9 weeks old and he was unable to walk. At first they thought he had been hit by a car but they soon realized that wasn’t the case. In an effort to get him the care and diagnosis he would require, they asked OOTP to take him.

Since coming into our rescue, Theo has had an MRI and extensive bloodwork. The results showed that Theo’s cerebellum was partially missing (likely not completely formed while in the womb). The cerebellum controls motor function. This is why Theo is bright, alert and every bit a puppy, but he has no ability to control the movement of his legs. So off to Eddie’s Wheels we went, and Theo was fitted with a cart. His cart has 4 wheels and he gets along in it very well. But when he’s out of it he army crawls around and when he does get up he can now walk approx.. 10-12 steps without his
wheels(something the doctors thought he’d never be able to do). He’s very determined so he shows continuous progress.
Theo is now just over a year old.

He is happy, playful and incredibly sweet natured. However, he will always be disabled and require a considerable amount of care. His adopter will have to be ok with lifting him into his cart as he grows, he is now about 56 lbs. and should be at his final weight. He recently stayed in a home with two cats while his fosters were on vacation and he loved them. He is basically housebroken….but needs to stick to a schedule. He’s crate trained and holds it all night and then all day while his fosters are at work. We recommend A home without small children due to his disabilities. He’s not on any medications and doesn’t require additional vet visits

This is one special little fellow looking for a special family.

Call Out of the Pits….. at 518-779-1047

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