Jay Street fire victims searching for missing pets on Facebook

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s not just residents missing after the Jay St. fire, but many pets were also lost following the mass evacuation.

While the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society says it helped set up a temporary shelter for about a dozen pets Friday night, a new social media page has popped up for those unable to get their pets out in time.

The creator of the page, ‘Jay Street Missing Pets Schenectady’ says she set it up yesterday after she heard about families still hoping their pets were alive. Overnight the page has reached more than 600 likes and many are using the page not only to post pictures of the missing, but for fire victims to stay in touch and interact with each other.

animal facebook

The animals have also been posted to a new website.

jay street fire animalsweb

Brad Shear from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society says all hope is not lost for these pet owners.

“They could have escaped to lower floors, because that’s definitely possible. Cats especially can find their way into all types of places; I would say it’s certainly possible,” said Executive Director, Shear.

“To some people it’s just a dog or a cat, but to most it’s family,” said Staci Lydon, who is missing her pit-bull Zeus.

If anyone can survive a massive fire, it would be the father of the gods, and that is exactly what Lydon is hoping for after he went missing following Friday’s fire.

“I know the probability of him being alive is not very likely, but I also have a lot of hope, and I’m very happy that everybody is so supportive of it, and they are all keeping an eye out,” she said.

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