Washington Avenue Armory releases security procedures after concert stabbings

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Washington Avenue Armory has issued a statement that states several security precautions and procedures were arranged as part of the concert over the weekend where six were stabbed and a woman was robbed.

“The Armory aims on providing a safe environment for all its patrons. These types of artists, however, encourage the wrong behavior. As a result, Migos is now banned from the Armory and the Armory will not be hosting these types of artists in the future,” said the statement.

The Armory can confirm one injury that where a patron was treated in the EMT room, and then transported to the hospital. Armory staff personnel can also confirm an incident in the restroom.

The following is an outline of the steps the Armory says it made that night, in order to protect it’s patrons:

  • Armory personnel met and had been in contact with the Albany Police Department since February regarding previous concert issues and preparations for the March 6 concert. Albany Police indicated, in discussions, that the Armory was making the necessary and appropriate improvements to event security;
  • Prior to the event, the Armory had been approached by four different promoters to book the Migos concert. The Armory chose to work with these promoters in order to best control event logistics with performance timing and procedures throughout the show;
  • Event security staff comprised of 35 private security guards, four EMTs (two who floated on the floor, two in the medical station) and five Albany Police officers. All patrons’ were searched at the Armory’s entryway – searching includes pat downs and wanding before entering the arena. According to EMTs, there was only one reported stabbing within the arena, in which only one transport was ordered from the building;
  • Concert was made “all ages”, thus limiting alcohol use to a confined space in the arena;
  • Created “beer garden” (alcoholic beverages) in which patrons over 21 years of age needed a wristband to enter and could only purchase and consume beverages within fenced-in premises. In order to enter the “beer garden,” patrons needed to show government-issued identification cards that were scanned electronically. Armory staff placed a neon yellow wristband on the right wrist. Patrons could only order one drink at a time. As an additional enhancement, the confined space was double barricaded to create a security walkway as well as to prevent to alcoholic beverages from reaching the arena floor;
  • No bottle service available for this event due to the “all ages” designation of the show;
  • Intended concert ending time was 11:30 p.m.; previous hip hop events had typically ended later;
  • Migos was scheduled to arrive at the Armory at 7:30 p.m. per the contract and scheduled to perform from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The group, however, did not arrive until closer to midnight, creating a restless atmosphere for patrons. Additionally, the group was also scheduled to meet approximately 100 fans after the show; instead, the group left the arena – leaving patrons more so disappointed;
  • The group was also heard encouraging an altercation in the crowd.

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