Jay Street fire survivors say smoke alarms didn’t work

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Survivors of the Jay St. fire that left at least three people missing and about 70 residents displaced say the fire alarms and sprinkler system never went off in response to Friday’s fire.

[PHOTOS: Jay Street building fire]

Schenectady Police have confirmed that an inspection was conducted at the 104 Jay St. property on Thursday, just hours prior to the 2 a.m. fire. The owner of the property claims the property passed the inspection.

Anthony Cortese, who lived on the fourth floor, claims the fire alarm in his building never went off after he pulled the lever. Cortese also said the emergency exit would not open as he tried to escape the flames. He says a window was his only way out.

Cortese says he climbed out of the window and clung to cables connected to the building, swinging his body to the fire escape. He says he saw a man from the top floor jump by him and crumple in a heap on the sidewalk below.

Alyssa Janacy who lived on the sixth floor of 102 Jay St., a neighboring building where the original fire spread, said the alarm never went off in her building either. She says the sprinkler system also didn’t work.

Police say the information about the inspection is part of their ongoing investigation, but were unable to comment further.


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