Kenneth White sisters remain in foster care after court appearance

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kenneth White’s father says he still hopes to get custody of his two daughters, but today two more family members attempted to do just that.

Kenneth’s father, Jayson White, already withdrew his petition for custody as family members attempt to gain custody of the five-year-old’s two sisters who are currently in foster care.

Brenda VanAlstyne had no comments as she entered Albany County Family Court where a judge denied her request for a second time for supervised visits with her nephew’s two sisters she once cared for at her Knox home.

Brenda’s daughter, Tiffany VanAlstyne is accused of brutally murdering Kenneth in December 2014.

The judge cited concerns over allegations of abuse. In a petition, Brenda VanAlstyne is accused of causing bruising on Kenneth’s sisters’ bodies and leaving them in the care of her daughter who she allegedly knew was mentally ill and not taking her medication.

“Well, I’m the one that found [the bruising] the day that Kenneth’s murder, and I’m the one that put in the report on that,” White said. “You know, marks that should not have been on any child at all.”

Jayson White’s mother, Marty Rotgers, lives in California. She filed for custody but was denied. The court cited her history with Child Protective Services. Rotgers said she doesn’t recall that history and explained why she wants the girls with her in California.

“They’d have three meals a day,” she said. “A clean place; baths; something that they never got.”

Kenneth also had two other siblings; a brother and a sister. They lived in Massachusetts with Jayson White, but they were recently removed from his home and placed into foster care.

“Now those are all gone,” Rotgers said. “Kenneth is gone. I can’t bring Kenneth back. I can’t bring any of my grandchildren back.”

Kenneth’s great aunt Michelle Sweet filed for custody of the two sisters for a second time on Tuesday but was denied again because the girls’ mother and father did not want it. Jayson White says he believes foster care is the best place for them right now.

“I don’t know her to be honest with you,” he said. “I didn’t even know who she was. All these people are putting in petitions for custody. The kids are safe. That’s what matters. People can go to bed at night and know the kids are safe because who knows what could happen to another family member. Am I going to lose another one of mine?”

But at Tuesday’s hearing, it was revealed both Jayson White and Kenneth’s mother had missed recent visitation with the two girls.

“It’s been difficult getting from there to here on visitation days, but I will be making it up to my little girls,” Jayson said. “I always do.”

Despite Sweet being denied, county officials have been meeting with Sweet and believe she could be capable of caring for the girls. Sweet said over the phone she has already gone through a lengthy background check.



Kenneth White, 5
Kenneth White, 5

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