Corinth residents play donkey bball for a good cause

CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Donkeys took to the court Tuesday night for a friendly game of donkey basketball.

Students, teachers and service men and women gathered together in a Corinth gym to take part in the fun. It was a community game put on by the Corinth senior class. The goal – to raise money for a senior trip.

corinth donkey basketball 4

“We thought this would be a creative way to have some fun,” Margaret Watkins said.

About 200 people came to support the senior class. Many sported costumes, and even those who had never ridden horse before took part.

corinth donkey basketball

And the students couldn’t be more thankful.

“We got a great community,” senior Nate Watkins said. “We sold a ton of donkey basketball tickets.”

Proceeds from the donkey basketball game will go toward the helping the senior class and their senior class trip that they have coming up at the end of the year.

And though fun was had by all, the girls’ senior team were declared the winners.

corinth donkey basketball 3

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